Would You Vote For President Buhari In 2019?

Would You Vote For President Buhari In 2019?



Nigerians voted for change in 2015 by choosing
the APC political party, whose presidential
nominee was President Muhammdau Buhari, to
replace the PDP political party and the then
president, Goodluck Johnathan, as the
president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigerians thought that was it – a new day had
come, corruption would end, we’d have
constant electricity, a decent exchange rate,
we’d develop sectors like agriculture…but that
has definitely not been the case. In fact, many
Nigerians feel like the situation on ground is
even worse than before!

So Soundnaija hit the streets to find out whether
Nigerians would vote Buhari into power again in
the next presidential election.

Here are some of their answers…
“No…because of the state of the economy,” one
young lady says.
“Yes, I did not vote but I supported him,” one
man states.


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Khall Mhe Sniper!

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